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Borbies are interactive balloon orbs and they love to party.
First they hang in the sky overlooking the party people.
From nature they are a bit shy and very white, but as soon as they see the party is almost at its climax, they want to join the crowd. When the Borbies drop from above they are getting more and more excited. And when the crowd touches them they are really happy.
They show their happiness by lighting up in different colors. And they don’t just light up but they will blink very fast giving the crowd a very cool stroboscopic experience.
When hundreds of Borbies are together they will transform the party into an interactive environment never been seen before!

Adopt your Borbies now for your next event!

– Stroboscopic light activated by touch
– Inflated they can reach a size of 90cm in diameter (36 inch)
– Borbies are available with Red, Green, Blue or Orange ledlight
– Single use
– Option for printing
– Perfect for public and corporate events, festivals, brand activation, etc.


We have developed a special Borbies dropsystem made from fire retardant black fabric.
The big advantage of this dropsystem is that the audience won’t see any Borbies before the drop like with regular balloon drops.
When the dropsystem opens, the sky will be filled with blinking Borbies giving the audience a sensational WOW moment!
See the drop in action: